Sex robots better than humans?

2018/8/21 10:10:42AI-Tech Robot728

Sex robots better than humans?

In sexual relations, there's never been perfect. Women feel that men are too rude and Men feel that women are not immersed in it. Even in the same mood, as soon as they reach the bed, a great variety of disharmony can occur. Such as penis size, length of sex time, orgasm, sexual position ……

"In addition to not cleaning the room and cooking, the sex partner can do anything for you, make a sweet voice and talk to the host without any complaints, not your favorite?" Even if "she" is not real, but they have Human-skin-like softness, there are five different character and dozens of hairstyles to choose from, the customer can even fill in their own interests and hobbies in order to have more topics with her. This " freewheeling change" is undoubtedly full of surprises! 

Advantage: get more sexual pleasure than real people

In real life, the man who is not satisfied the sex with his wife is very popular. Why didn't she turn on the light? Why would she just lie down and do it? Why didn't she let me kiss her? Why does she always think I'm not good enough...Real women make men feel troubled, if replaced by sex robots, these problems may not exist. No quarrels, no cold war, no money to maintain the emotional basis, sex robots are the most loyal companion.

Disadvantages: the impact on the traditional sexual relations and human continuation

However, having the best sexual experience with a robot is not necessarily a good thing. It's like being trapped in a cyber-virtual world, so untrue that it makes you feel powerless. When we come back to the real sexual relations, we feel frustrated when I compare them with each other.

Advocates: individual vulnerable groups to use

British experts have boldly predicted that at the latest in 2050, humans will regard robots as lovers, sexual partners and even marital spouses and will become social norms. If the prophecy comes true, the challenges facing humanity may really have to be described as "harsh".

Based on the impact on social ethics, sex robots should not be widely promoted and publicized, let alone blow it over the delusional. "Such products are of little use to most people and can be much less harmful than profits." People who like "house" are less suitable for sex robots to companion, because it will make them more lack of courage to go out of their homes and become more lonely and isolated. However, some disadvantaged groups can give it a try. For example, the disabled, single middle-aged and elderly people, ocean-going crews, mountain explorers, perennial defenders, widowers and others have no sufficient conditions to go among the crowd because of their lack of care. Sex robots may be a good companion to helping them soothe their body and mind.

Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology C,o.Ltd (, After three years of unremitting efforts, the company developed a sex robot (Emma).


Emma: full body food grade silicone TPE, metal skeleton,Multiple face shape selection(Asian and European aesthetics),140cm-168cm height,skin color /eyes color/ wigs / nail / vagina is customized.

Emma: a realistic look, an accessible Chinese and English dialogue, and a common dialect dialogue in China. The head imitates the effect of human conversation (blinking, lips opening, neck rotation), voice control GPRS navigation, translation, music playback, real-time memory function, etc. It is still upgrading face recognition, voice changed system and so on.

AI-Tech Has a number of core proprietary technologies, patents and software copyrights for interactive voice docking systems, autonomous navigation systems (GPRS) and key polymer materials (TPE). Products have all passed the MSDS test, RoHS testing, CE, 6P and other certification authority.

Emma: Sex Robot support secondary development (SDK).

In addition to not cooking and washing housework, she is your ideal lover. You will never quarrel, and Cold War, she will always listen to your inner thoughts patiently, will not laugh at your lack of support will always be you will never give up. This will be the most loyal partner on your way to your hard work. She will also meet your special needs.

Are you not satisfied with her?