Overturn your view on High Simulated humanoid Robot

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Overturn your view on High Simulated humanoid Robot

Overturn your view on High Simulated humanoid Robot

Overturn your view on High Simulated humanoid Robot

 ---AI-tech bring you M-TPE, the new born material.

         Cold body, cheap silicon, cartoon transformer! These probably are impressions to most of us about Robot years ago. Actually , with the development of computer technology and continuous emergence of new materials, AI robots are more intelligent, and more realistic,  and practical robotic robots are gradually entering into people's real life.

A new material  M-TPE ---the key simulation skin is developed by the Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology C,o.Ltd. (AI-Tech) with the independent modification and process technology innovation.  Undoubtedly, it will overturn people's cognition of simulated robots and simulation skin.  The high-elasticity polymer new material specially modified by AI , which is similar to the existing soft silicone material.  But it has much better overall physical properties than the traditional TPE material. The elasticity of M-TPE material is more than twice that of ordinary TPE material. Not only it is not easier to torn, but also it is safer, more reliable, stable and it feels more comfortable, delicate, supple and elastic.  However, the price of the M-TPE is only one-half of the soft silicone material. 

         The exquisiteness of the external skin and the intelligent level of practicality are absolutely the two key elements that lead simulated robots to the market. After the completion of the key material modification production, AI-Tech released its new upgraded hardware platform and the muti-language intelligent voice database which is first completed in China.  There is no doubt that it has laid a solid foundation for this high intelligent simulation robot to enter a practical and commercialized market.

In terms of intelligence , AI Tech simulation robot is the first one who have completely independent intellectual property rights---- Emma-II, except the domestic enterprises iFLYTEK, Baidu and Turing intelligent voice platform. She does not only can speak the standard Chinese, also can speak fluently English . You just can’t image how smart she is. She can learn by herself and obtain real-time network data accurately.  Jesus ! It is absolutely incredible .

According to what the R&D director of AI-Tech said  , Emma -II ’ s intelligent voice system  English database was developed independently by AI Tech R&D team  and It is also the first English-language database with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. Right now the hardware platform and software platform of Emma-II can both support secondary development under the open and inclusive business philosophy. 

         To this end, Emma-II is no longer just a simple entity doll, nor a sex robot defined at home and abroad. She is really more than that. She is an easy going intelligent robot with self-learning function that can completely replace the entity doll or sex robot . she could remember your name and hobbies , the more you talk with her , the more smart she will be. Actually she is your good company and soul mate. She also can be widely used in education, retirement or mentally retarded custody, medical, business and smart home management and other fields.

As known from Susan, head of marketing of AI Tech, almost 95% of orders are from overseas market since the launch of Emma. AI-Tech is picturing the domestic market progressively in the same time. Following on Emma, Emma II is released recently, ordinary people do not know much about the second generation robot except some domestic pension institutions, worldwide secondary developers and trading partners. The expected sales volume of Emma II in 2018 is 6,000 to 10,000 units.

 Meanwhile, under the author's questioning, AI-Tech has also revealed that it is currently conducting intelligent moving platform testing for highly intelligent simulation robots and will be  launched in the market in early 2018. By then, except the extraordinary IQ, Emma II will surprise you by moving freely in door and out door.